Lon Retreat is proud to present an exhibition of paintings by Emma Itzstein.
Emma Itzstein is a multi-disciplinary, award-winning artist based in Geelong. After being recognised for her ‘unique-state' printmaking in her hometown of Perth, she has been painting since relocating to the east-coast, as a way of loosening up and embracing a more expressionistic and colour-driven practice. Itzstein's work centres on ideas around psychological states of mind, often using nature, landscape and still life as symbols to communicate ideas. Juxtaposed styles and compositions and layers of medium are used in interplay to bring deeper meaning to her works - a consistent thread between her printmaking and painting practice.
"Lon’s philosophy is founded on “slowing down” and escaping the busyness of everyday life, by reconnecting with nature and rich simplicity. My collection of work for this show aims to evoke these feelings while capturing the essence of the unique coastal country landscape of Point Lonsdale - from the gnarly Moonah Tree forrest which frames the sprawling property to the gorgeous banksias and succulents taking pride of place at the entrance of the luxury retreat. The paintings on display are a variety of acrylic and mixed media on linen - by employing mediums like oil stick, pastel, charcoal, ink and paint pen, a textural quality is built onto the surface of the canvas, creating a tactile feast for the eyes that echoes the feeling of being in the presence of natural luxury at Lon."Emma Itzstein

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