Quilted ~ a collection of paintings by Belinda Marshall 

The exhibition will run from 27 May to 3 July 2022

This collection explores the landscape through the lens of abstraction, finding the threads of its story in the dream-like state between what is observed and what is sensed, what is directly experienced and what is imagined.

Over the course of a year, as part of the Lon Retreat artist residency program, these paintings emerged in response to three distinct landscapes of the retreat: from wide open farmland, through a cocooned path carved from dense scrub, into the expanse of dunes and ocean. 

The pieces in 'Quilted' each depict a particular view on the wander from grassland to salt water. In some, contours are in focus and more easily recognisable, while in others the natural elements soften and blur. A weaving and layering of form and feeling.

The title of the collection refers not only to the patchwork of shape, colour and texture conveyed in the paintings, but also to a deeper longing that this place evoked within me. To simply  -be-  in an open landscape - free of the noise and clutter of the city - to be held in the peace of natural surroundings, feels like being wrapped in a handmade quilt and comforted by a connection to something valuable and lasting. As familiar as home.

~ Belinda Marshall 2022

Belinda Marshall is a Melbourne-based abstract landscape painter and educator, and occasional embroider.
She has enjoyed sending work around the world to collectors, galleries and design stores as well as collaborating with other like-minded businesses to create memorable and unique products featuring her work. 

Past features include Uppercase magazine, Home Beautiful magazine, The Sunday Age and local and international design blogs such as Frankie magazine blog, DesignSponge, Design Milk, Studio Home and We are Scout. Recent collaborative partners have included Scandinavian Wallpaper & Decor, leather goods label Oktoberdee and fashion label Ginny & Jude.

Belinda shares her 20 years of painting experience through online courses and private painting workshops.

'QUILTED' a collection of paintings by Belinda Marshall
27 May - 3 July 2022
Artist in Residence at Lon Retreat, Point Lonsdale

Lon Opening Preview Event - Thursday 26 May | 4-6pm | Lon Retreat

Sales & Catalogue available at www.belindamarshall.com
from Friday 27 May 2022 
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