We are thrilled to welcome Natalie's incredible works to the walls of Lon this May and June.

Exhibition Dates:

April 30 - May 30 at Salt Contemporary Art, Queenscliff


May 7 - June 20 at Lon Retreat (Open for viewing Mon - Sat, 10am-4pm, No appointment necessary)

This Artist in Residence exhibition is EXTRA special as this journey begins with our friends at Salt Contemporary Art in Queenscliff from 2nd May. Natalie's works will be spread throughout our two venues and we encourage you to visit both Salt and Lon for the full 'Wanderings' story.

'The pandemic year taught us all many things but ‘wandering’ always brings its own truths. There is much wisdom and comfort to be found in seeking out the natural world and immersing yourself in landscape & weather and reminding ourselves that not everything was impacted by COVID.'

'The way the clouds move across sun bleached summer hills didn’t change. Neither did the pull of the tide or the way the sea churns and falls across the rock pools at Point Lonsdale. The Aberdeen Angus that wile away their days around me in the Barrabool hills remained blissfully ignorant of masks, and lockdowns and vaccines and farmers still made hay.'

'Conceived as the world went into hibernation, and completed as we slowly and tentatively emerged from our collective COVID year – these paintings document both my literal and figurative restlessness and wanderings during this time. When we couldn’t go far I painted the Barrabool hills. When we were allowed to venture out I wandered down to the Surfcoast and the Bellarine and reacquainted myself with the ways of the sea.'

'These works depict my wanderings - I invite you to follow me through these hills to the sea and to be comforted by all that remains the same.' - Natalie Anderson, 2021

We look forward to you wandering Lon in May.

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