We are thrilled to welcome local artist Anita Barrett to the walls of Lon this July and August with her solo exhibition 'Essence of Lon'.

Anita has immersed herself in our 200 acres of rural and conservation land, sketching and documenting all that she could feel and see. In this collection of original works, Anita has captured the essence of Lon. The magical moonah trees with their twisted branches. The lines, shapes and scent of coastal scrub while walking through the dunes and gazing at the sweeping views of the ocean. The birds and their beautiful calls.

Anita has painted on circular shapes so that your eyes are drawn into each painting. Made of birchwood or canvas, she starts by sketching on an image in charcoal, then begins applying colour. After it's dry, Anita uses different colours and while wet scratches or rubs back to reveal the underlying paint or wood. Anita loves using graphite or charcoal to create interesting lines and textures.

'I want the viewer to feel happy and relaxed when looking at the artwork, to remind them of nature and Lon's flora, fauna and beautiful calming country coastal landscape'.

Essence of Lon will be open for public viewing from 10th July to 23rd August 2020.

Entry is free and dedicated session times are available from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am-3pm. To book your space please email us at stay@lonretreat.com.au or call 03 52582990. Maximum group size 4 adults. 

These beautiful pieces will also be available to view and purchase through the Lon Shop on our website from 10th July 2020.  


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