Photography Exhibition by Nikole Ramsay

3 Dec - 26 Jan

Lon Retreat , Point Lonsdale

Photographer Nikole Ramsay has created a series of photographic prints that capture the essence of Lon through aerial and detail landscape photographs. Peppered within these landscapes are a series of unique, layered ‘body-scapes’, which have a painterly, dreamlike feel. The body-scape images are created through combining 4 or 5 landscapes images overlayed into one image. The layered body-scapes beautifully complement the landscape photography and aim to give the viewer a deeper understanding of Nikole’s own experience of Lon.

“On my many visits to Lon, I became aware of the gentle unfolding, unwinding and unravelling of my body and mind. In this series of photographs, I use the female form to visually translate those feelings, so the viewer can experience the beauty of the landscapes and the feelings the landscapes evoke in me when I am immersed in them.
The body starts as tightly bound, looking inward and as more of the landscape is seen and experienced, the body moves into a more expansive and open form. The body-scapes represent my own journey of unfolding and peeling back the layers at Lon. There is a sense of slowly moving into alignment with the environment while also
becoming at one with myself”.

There are a number of aerial photographs in this collection, which were shot while flying with local pilot Jeff Brooks. Nikole’s aerial photography experiences have given her a new perspective on both the landscapes of the region and on life itself. “Experiencing a familiar landscape from above is exhilarating and humbling. It changes my perspective on everyday things and reminds me of how small my life is and how big and awe inspiring the earth can be. I feel completely in awe of the landscape when I fly with Jeff. I like the feeling of not being in control. I need to be alert and totally in the moment to capture a shot as Jeff skilfully steers the plane into just the right position for me to momentarily capture the scene in the perfect light”.

After flying and capturing the scenes from above, days later Nikole captures smaller scenes within the same landscape from the ground. She loves to wander through the property, without a plan but with a curious eye, photographing details at ground level and recording the subtleties of the colour and texture within the landscape. This brings an appreciation for the everyday details that others might miss, and grounds her in the scene she has photographed. Nikole is inspired by the salt flats, sand dunes, rock pools and shoreline at Lon Retreat and this is where all the photographs have been shot. Her wish is that you too feel a sense of place and gentle unfolding, through viewing her photographs of this
unique and beautiful place.


Open for public viewing 10am-4pm Monday to Saturday

No appointment necessary

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