A solo exhibition by local artist

Shirley Ploog

Shirley Ploog is a Visual Artist based in Barwon Heads, Victoria who is passionate about the environment and capturing the beauty and fragility of nature.

"In my artistic practice daily walks along the shoreline serve as a constant source of inspiration, allowing me to immerse myself in the quiet and still beauty of my local coastal surrounds."

"My artist residence at Lon has provided me with a special opportunity to further explore this coastal wonderland through quiet contemplation, sensory awareness, discovery and observation. My time here has also enabled me to greatly appreciate the ethereal and transient essence of this unique place whilst immersed working ‘en plein air’. I’ve enjoyed using this unique experience to create an emphasis on the soft nuanced details, the colours, the patterns and textures I have observed revealing layers of time, memory and nature’s minutiae in my quiet landscapes."

"My wish is to convey the tranquil and meditative nature of this magical setting building delicate, translucent layers that mirror the fragility of this environment. These sensitive and intricate details invite the viewer to embrace a sense of quietude as they connect with the delicate tapestry of coastal serenity."

'Tranquil Moments' is open daily 10-4pm at Lon Gallery until February 4th 2024

All pieces in this exhibition are available to view and purchase online at The Little Shop of Lon.