A collection of works by Rachel King, Natalie Martin, Andrea Shaw & Liz Wickramasinghe

20 October - 3 December 2023

Open daily in Lon Gallery, 10am-4pm

Looking to the Lon property, marsh and grasslands, sprawling dunes and coastal flora the works within ‘Perspectives’ present four distinct and varied viewpoints on landscape painting.

The works seek to remind us there are countless ways to perceive and appreciate the natural world around us.

Natalie Martin’s watercolour works aim to capture how night shifts our perspective on the way we see and feel our natural environment.

Liz Wickramasinghe’s layered, textural paintings bring the viewer into the perspective of a small animal living within the salty marsh and grassy landscape.

Andrea Shaw’s paintings present an abstracted view from above, looking upon the lush flora of Point Lonsdale with houses dotted amidst the green.

Rachel King’s abstracted works use form, texture and a muted, natural palette to capture the subtle beauty of the coastal landscape.

All pieces available to purchase at Lon's Gallery or online through Lon's website at The Little Shop of Lon